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Quote1.png Another letter from the International Commissioner of Seaways, Blackhawk! He doubles his offer for us to survey the Bavalans! Quote2.png
Chuck Wilson

Modern Comics #56 is an issue of the series Modern Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1946.

Synopsis for Blackhawk: "The Bavalan Islands"

Appearing in Blackhawk: "The Bavalan Islands"

Featured Characters:


  • Mr. Hyper
    • Kleve
    • Paru
    • Skip Logan

Other Characters:

  • International Commissioner of Seaways
  • Bavalon Islanders (see Notes)
    • Chief
    • Tula
    • others



  • "Scorpion" 3-masted yawl-rigged slave catcher
  • Tula's canoe
  • Blackhawk Experimental Seaplane

Synopsis for Torchy: "The Cave Man Gig"

Appearing in Torchy: "The Cave Man Gig"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Dogtag: "How To Be a Great Lawyer"

Appearing in Dogtag: "How To Be a Great Lawyer"

Featured Characters:


  • Burpton

Synopsis for Ezra: "High School Hypnotist"

Appearing in Ezra: "High School Hypnotist"

Featured Characters:

  • Ezra Jones

Supporting Chfaracters:

  • Rollo Grant
  • Myrna Moore

Synopsis for Choo Choo: "Hollywood Reporter"

Appearing in Choo Choo: "Hollywood Reporter"

Featured Characters:

  • Choo Choo LaMoe

Supporting Characters:

  • Cherry Lane

Other Characters:



Synopsis for Will Bragg: "Jury Duty"

Appearing in Will Bragg: "Jury Duty"

Featured Characters:

  • Will Bragg

Supporting Characters:

  • Gully
  • Fire Chief Swenson


  • Blackhawk:
    • The islands in the title are called "Bavalon" on the splash page, then called "Bavalan" in the 1st caption on the 2nd page, and in all the captions and dialogue after that.
    • Blackhawk gets head-konked unconscious, his fifteenth blunt instrument head trauma,[1] with a rifle stock. Being a Blackhawk is dangerous.
  • Also featured in this issue of Modern Comics were:
    • "Maker of Rain" (text story)
    • Poodle McDoodle:
    • Prudence, by Michael Senich

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