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Modern Comics #62 is an issue of the series Modern Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1947.

Synopsis for Blackhawk: "The Menace of the Flame Planes"

Appearing in Blackhawk: "The Menace of the Flame Planes"

Featured Characters:


  • Garrote
    • his goons

Other Characters:

  • John Reefe, Trans-Island Airways (Dies)


  • Blackhawk Island
  • Garrote's secret Flame Planes base, "Latitude 41, Longitude 116."


Synopsis for Ex-Private Dogtag: "Dogtag the Dinosaur Fighter"

Appearing in Ex-Private Dogtag: "Dogtag the Dinosaur Fighter"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Torchy: "The Parrot Rescue Gig"

Appearing in Torchy: "The Parrot Rescue Gig"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Ezra: "Sidewalk Photographer"

Appearing in Ezra: "Sidewalk Photographer"

Featured Characters:

  • Ezra Jones

Synopsis for Will Bragg: "Rocky Gooner"

Appearing in Will Bragg: "Rocky Gooner"

Featured Characters:

  • Will Bragg

Synopsis for Choo Choo: "Rumble School of the Theatre"

Appearing in Choo Choo: "Rumble School of the Theatre"

Featured Characters:

  • Choo Choo LaMoe

Supporting Characters:

  • Cherry Lane


  • Blackhawk:
    • Being a Blackhawk is dangerous.
      • Chop Chop gets head-konked unconscious, for his third time,[1] with a bottle. At the end of this story his head is still bandaged.
      • Blackhawk falls into the ocean from a great distance, and spends some time with his right foot in a cast and his left arm in a sling. Before this story is over he has recovered completely.
    • Garrote's Flame Planes were virtually bulletproof, because of their fiery coating, but this effect could be neutralized with a heavy dose of carbon dioxide. Blackhawk designed both the Flame Planes and the CO2-extinguisher counter-weapon.
    • The Flame Planes were jets. This was the first recorded combat between the Blackhawk Squadron's 1941-model Grumman XF5F Skyrockets and some first-generation jet fighters.
    • The island base of the Flame Planes was at "Latitude 41, Longitude 116."
  • Also appearing in this issue of Modern Comics were:
    • Poodle McDoodle
    • Prudence by Michael Senich
    • "Bongo's Revenge" (text story)

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  1. Blackhawk #12, Modern Comics #58, & Modern Comics #62
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