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Modern Comics #74 is an issue of the series Modern Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1948.

Synopsis for Blackhawk: "Captain Squidd"

Appearing in Blackhawk: "Captain Squidd"

Featured Characters:


  • Captain Squidd (Apparent Death) (Single appearance)
    • his pirate crew: Mawr, others (mostly captured, some die)

Other Characters:

  • Chief Engineer Angus McWhistle (Dies)
  • Captain Lassiter (Dies)
    • other Clementine officers (Dies)
    • other Clementine crew
  • Captain Corcoran
    • his merchant crew: Sparks, others



  • S.S. Clementine, tramp steamer (Destroyed)
    • homeport Liverpool, en route from San Francisco to Australia
  • Squidd's Giant Submarine, the Cuttlefish (Destroyed)
    • hydraulic pincers on bow for ship demolition
    • hull-breaching ram on top for ship boarding
    • internal airplane-sized docking airlock
  • second tramp steamer (damaged)
  • five New Blackhawk Jet Submersible Warplanes (one is destroyed) (Single appearance)
    • flies, operates underwater, or can land on surface
    • armed w/ oxy-acetylene blowtorch

Synopsis for Dogtag: "Yogi Slogi"

Appearing in Dogtag: "Yogi Slogi"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Torchy: "The Lofty Mountains Gig"

Appearing in Torchy: "The Lofty Mountains Gig"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Will Bragg: "Mr. Loafer's Flats"

Appearing in Will Bragg: "Mr. Loafer's Flats"

Featured Characters:

  • Will Bragg

Synopsis for Ezra: "Ezra For President"

Appearing in Ezra: "Ezra For President"

Featured Characters:

  • Ezra Jones

Synopsis for Choo Choo: "The Football Movie That Fumbled"

Appearing in Choo Choo: "The Football Movie That Fumbled"

Featured Characters:

  • Choo Choo LaMoe

Supporting Characters:

  • Cherry Lane


  • Blackhawk is at work on "an improved design for our planes," on page 5. Six issues later, the team will upgrade from Grumman XF5F Skyrockets to North American F-86 Sabre jets.
    • The submersible jet fighters used against Captain Squidd could land on the surface or maneuver below it. They are never seen again after this issue.
  • Also appearing in this issue of Modern Comics were:
    • Poodle McDoodle
    • Blackhawk: "Conqueror" (text story)


  • Blackhawk Island has a beach where the pilots sometimes swim for fun.

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