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Modern Comics #78 is an issue of the series Modern Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1948.

Synopsis for Blackhawk: "Madame Butterfly"

Appearing in Blackhawk: "Madame Butterfly"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • prospector (Dies)



  • Madame Butterfly's "Cocoon of Death" fungus


  • four Blackhawk Grumman XF5F Skyrockets w/ pontoon landing gear (one destroyed)
  • three-masted derelict sailing ship w/ dead crew
  • five or more Caterpillar Legion Planes, jets (four destroyed)

Synopsis for Torchy: "The Reform Party Gig"

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Synopsis for Dogtag: "Wanted For Something"

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Synopsis for Will Bragg: "Martha Minty and Slippery Jones"

Appearing in Will Bragg: "Martha Minty and Slippery Jones"

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  • Will Bragg

Synopsis for Ezra: "Painting the Garage"

Appearing in Ezra: "Painting the Garage"

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  • Ezra Jones

Synopsis for Choo Choo: "On Stetson's Ranch"

Appearing in Choo Choo: "On Stetson's Ranch"

Featured Characters:

  • Choo Choo LaMoe

Supporting Characters:

  • Cherry Lane


  • Published by Comic Magazines.
  • Madame Butterfly is the widow of the late Mitsamo, Chief of Japanese Secret Intelligence, who died along with Admiral Yamamoto in an American aerial ambush. The Blackhawks "have seen her handiwork in every corner of the world."
  • Being a Blackhawk is dangerous.
    • One Flying Caterpillar Plane deliberately crashes into Chuck's plane, which also has Stanislaus aboard. This is Chuck's third plane crash,[1] and Stan's second.[2]
    • Blackhawk gets head-konked unconscious, for his thirtieth concussion,[3] with a thrown rock.
    • Blackhawk gets another bullet wound, for the sixth time.[4]
  • Also appearing in this issue of Modern Comics were:
    • Fuzzy: "Tinkling Bros. Circus" by Jack Cole
    • Blackhawk: "Thunderbird" (text story)


  • This issue's Blackhawk story is set in an unnamed group of partly unexplored islands in the Pacific Ocean.
    • One island, Jowali, has a government office. The nationality of the government is not identified. Other islands have resorts with hotels. Another island has an unusually rich vein of Corundum deposits.
    • The story's villainess, Madame Butterfly is considered "the most dangerous woman in the East."
    • The vegetation looks tropical, and all of the visible signs in this region are in either Spanish or Portuguese.
    • All of this, together, implies that Jowali, and the other islands in this group, are situated in the South China Sea, somewhere near (or instead of) East Timor, next to Indonesia, and are likely a post-WWII remnant of a Portuguese or Spanish colony. But this implication has not been confirmed, and should not be relied on.
  • Some time prior to Hit Comics #6, the Red Bee's original red-and-yellow striped tights went away. Madame Butterfly's pilots apparently stole them, because all of them are wearing red and yellow striped tights.

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Modern Comics #78, Oct 1948

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