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"Blackhawk: "The Feast of Jugar"": The synopsis for this issue has not yet been written.

Modern Comics #89 is an issue of the series Modern Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1949.

Synopsis for Blackhawk: "The Feast of Jugar"

Appearing in Blackhawk: "The Feast of Jugar"

Featured Characters:


  • Countess Sulana (Only appearance; dies)
    • Prime Minister Jugar (Only appearance; dies)
    • Addo, driver
    • Commander Bruta
      • his military police
    • Dostel, in Ludost
    • Umber, in Ludost
    • many more servants

Other Characters:

  • Jed & Betty Jones, relief workers (A.R.T. = American Relief Team)



Synopsis for Ezra: "Clothes Make the Man"

Appearing in Ezra: "Clothes Make the Man"

Featured Characters:

  • Ezra Jones

Supporting Characters:

  • Rollo Grant
  • Myrna Moore


  • Dean Dilsbury, Jr.
  • McKunkle, Soda Jerk

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Moore
  • Tailor Moe

Synopsis for Torchy: "The Auto Race Gig"

Appearing in Torchy: "The Auto Race Gig"

Featured Characters:


  • Garcy, race car owner
  • Old Man Bose, race track grifter
  • Dapes, race car driver

Other Characters:

  • driving instructor


  • race track

Synopsis for Will Bragg: "The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman"

Will brags his way into a situation where he accidentally invents a super-duper powerful vacuum cleaner, and amid a sales pitch it vacuums the clothes right off of a skeptical young housewife.

Appearing in Will Bragg: "The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman"

Featured Characters:

  • Will Bragg

Supporting Characters:

  • Effy Gissel
  • Mrs. Mahoulihan, Landlady
  • Fire Chief Swenson
  • Officer Flannigan

Other Characters:

  • vacuum cleaner salesman
  • Charlie the Chimney Sweep
  • skeptical housewife
  • enraged husband


  • Mrs. Mahoulihan's Boarding House


  • Blackhawk:
    • This story is the nineteenth appearance of the team's North American F-86 Sabrejets, and so far no character and no caption has mentioned the change, or called the new aircraft anything more specific than "Blackhawk Planes." They are equipped with JATO tubes, and can take off almost vertically. They still have internal bomb-bays, and one carries an experimental new weapon: a bomb loaded with bright green dye.
    • According to Blackhawk, Jugaria is the "last stronghold of absolute monarchy." The nominal head of state is a Countess, while the Prime Minister's office is hereditary, and runs in the Jugar family.
    • Blackhawk and Olaf both get head-konked unconscious. These are Blackhawk's thirty-fifth concussion,[1] and Olaf's third,[2] respectively. Being a Blackhawk is dangerous.
  • Also featured in this issue of Modern Comics was:
    • Blackhawk: "Tree of Evil" (text story).


  • The gag in the Will Bragg story, where a lady's clothes get vacuumed off her by an insanely over-powerful vacuum cleaner, is also the punch line of the first story in Torchy #1, Nov 1949.

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