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The Walrus was a member of the Wonderland Gang.

Moe Blum was known to be an enforcer for the Black Mask, but presumably was forced to find other avenues of work after the crimelord's untimely demise.[citation needed]

He was enlisted by Tweedledum and Tweedledee to join their Wonderland Gang, functioning as "The Walrus" alongside of a costumed woman known as "The Carpenter." During a bank robbery, Walrus fought Nightwing and was utterly defeated by the vigilante. Walrus and the rest of the Wonderland gang were arrested by the GCPD.[1]


  • Walrus uses a mask as his main weapon. The mask covers his mouth entirely and it has attached a pair of enormous metallic tusks to the front, giving him the aspect of a walrus.



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