Mogo is a sentient or "living" planet, and a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

For eons, the sentient planet Mogo acted as a prison, keeping the worst of the worst on his surface, preventing them from leaving. Among the beings that lived on Mogo was his friend Saint Walker, a refugee from a planet destroyed by the Red Lanterns. One day, the ring belonging to recently deceased Frontier Lantern Shyir Rev had chosen Mogo to be the newest Green Lantern. However being that Mogo's core was his own body, the ring couldn't work on Mogo's surface. Sometime later, Hal Jordan and his crew partially destroyed a massive meteor that would have collided with Mogo, killing him. Not knowing Mogo was alive, the crew of the Interceptor believed one of the prisoners to be the chosen lantern. However after learning the truth about the criminals, Hal Jordan finally realized what was going on and drilled a hole into Mogo's crust, finally granting the living planet the Power Ring.







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