Quote1 Mogo. A living planet with a will-powered weapon. Why do you think we dragged him across space? How much will do you think something that size has? Quote2
Guy Gardner src
Mogo was a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Mogo, alongside the Green Lantern Corps, travels to Earth for an ultimate confrontation with Superman, his Regime, and the Sinestro Corps. He unleashes an incredible amount of energy that kills a quarter of the Sinestro Corps, but fails to kill Superman, Sinestro, and Hal Jordan.

Thereafter, Mogo remained to observe the war between the Green Lantern Corps and Superman's forces as he was unable to act without harming Earth, which is caught in between the conflict. The tide of the war shifted in favor of Superman, empowered by a Yellow Power Ring, slammed Ganthet into Mogo itself. Mogo was then ordered by Ganthet to fire another beam of energy at Superman, but fails to harm him. Superman continues to push Ganthet into Mogo, breaking the living planet's surface along with its Green Lantern sigil, and using his immense powers to push Mogo and Ganthet directly into Earth's sun, killing them.







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