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Mogo was a sentient planet and member of the Green Lantern Corps.

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The DC Universe heavily changed its continuity following the events of Flashpoint in 2011. While most characters saw massive changes to their origins and history, the Green Lantern mythos was widely exempted from these changes. Green Lantern-related characters should be assumed to have the same history as before Flashpoint unless and until stories contradict them.

At some point, the debris field of Mogo was known to had been gravitating to an unknown sector. This development saw the Guardians summon John Stewart where they showed one of the strongest pieces of the dead living world and explained to the Earth Lantern that they believed the planet was reforming itself. Thus, they asked Stewart to be charged on a mission to investigating this new development.

The Rise of The Third Army

When the Guardians unleashed the Third Army to rid the universe of free will, they instructed their Army to assimilate Mogo. However, their plan failed as Mogo sensed the Third Army and, using its landmass, decimated the Third Army, ripping them to pieces.







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