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Mohandas Singh was a member of Martin Champion's Atari Force.

Mohandas Singh was an orphan that lived on the streets of New Delhi, India with his friend, a fellow orphan named Raja. One day Mohandas and Raja saw a British tourist and begged for some money from him, only to be accused of being pickpockets when the tourist's wallet accidentally dropped out of his pocket without his notice. He called the police to go after the two orphans, who fled until they were trapped by the river. Raja fell in and had drowned to death, while Mohandas was taken into custody, only to meet the tourist who apologized for accusing him. He identified himself as Professor Stanley Miles, who was in India for a symposium, and offered Mohandas a chance at a better life. He sent Mohandas to the finest schools on three continents, where he developed an incredible aptitude for science and engineering. He was selected by the Atari Institute as one of the candidates for the team called the Atari Force that would journey through the Multiverse on board the experimental starship called Scanner One in the hopes that they would find a new home for Earth's citizens to relocate to. During his journeys he fell in love with Li San O'Rourke, the security and tactical officer, and married her, fathering a daughter named Erin Bia O'Rourke-Singh (Dart). He home-schooled Erin, helping her to train her mind with the best education he was given, and had her admitted to the Atari Academy where she was trained as a cadet until an incident involving her cost the life of one of her fellow students. He had Erin and her friend Dalia sent off-world to a school that trained mercenaries, from which they became soldiers for hire in a war until Dalia was killed by a mercenary hired by the other faction from the same school. Mohandas also became the foster father of Martin Champion and Lydia Perez's son Christopher Champion (Tempest), who felt ostracized by his father believing him to be the one that killed Lydia upon his birth. He continues to live on New Earth with his wife Li San past the end of the new Atari Force team adventures.