Mokkari was a researcher at Project Cadmus.


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When Brother Eye attacks using OMAC, his Build-a-Friends and Dubbilex are the last line of defense.[1] Later when Checkmate investigates the destruction, he is uncooperative and insists that they'll deal with it their own way.[2] Maxwell Lord sends him to destroy OMAC when Sarge Steel fails, and he agrees bearing a personal grudge. His creations fail and Lord takes him off the assignment, commissioning Frankenstein of S.H.A.D.E. instead.[3] It is revealed that he has actually infiltrated Cadmus under Desaad's orders to steal New Genesis technology.[4] To this end, he is keeping experiments secret from his superiors.[5] Maxwell Lord calls him in again to the final fight with OMAC, and he builds his largest monster. The creature distracts OMAC while Brother Eye is destroyed, and Mokkari declares his debt to Checkmate paid.[6]




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