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Molly Griggs is a genius also known as Brainwave.

Early Life

An engineer whiz kid, she was recruited to MIT at 15. However, she suffered a mental breakdown and murdered a fellow student, leading to her being sent to the Summerholt Neurological Institute for treatment. While at Summerholt, Molly got to know Dr. Garner, who was the first person who made her feel normal.[1]

Season Three

After she was released from Summerholt, Chloe Sullivan approached Molly about an article. As Chloe's article threatened Dr. Garner, Molly made up her mind to kill Chloe. She created a software program that would make Chloe's friends try to kill her. Because of the brain's survival instinct, she couldn't send Chloe the program directly and instruct hers to kill herself. But, Molly's plan failed, and Lex Luthor sent her to people he claimed would be able to help her.[1]

The Vengeance Chronicles

The truth was that Lex sent her to Level 33.1. Molly was tasked with testing mass manipulation through personal computers. Molly wasn't the only person held there, but many of the others possessed metahuman abilities. During her stay, Molly became romantically involved with fellow resident, Nick Yang. They were both released when Lex temporarily shut down the experiments while he ran for State Senator.[2]

Lex had implanted Molly and the others with tracking devices. As it was based on technology developed by her, Molly was able to remove her and Nick's implants. After Lex lost the senate race, he went back to the 33.1 project. Wanting to stop Lex, Molly and Nick joined forces with Andrea Rojas, claiming that she simply wanted evidence against Lex.[2] In wasn't until after they broke into the Luthor Mansion, that Molly revealed her real intent: she planned to kill Lex using a new hypnotic software program she'd created, one able to make the target commit suicide. But, Nick and Andrea turned on her.[3] Afterwards, Molly was turned over to the police and admitted to Belle Reve.[4]




  • As some tie-in material was not canon,[5][6] it is unknown if her appearances in the tie-in series The Vengeance Chronicles are canon to the TV Series Smallville. The fact that the characters do not appear to learn about the 33.1 Project until season 6,[7] would indicate that the webseries is not canon.



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