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The theater was constructed out of heart pine in 1928.

The Monarch Theater was an old fashioned movie theater house located not far from the Park Row district in Gotham City.


The theater was constructed out of heart pine in 1928.[1]

Many years ago, Thomas and Martha Wayne took their young son, Bruce, to the Monarch Theater to see the 1940 classic film, The Mark of Zorro. Upon leaving the theater, a mugger accosted them and murdered Thomas and Martha right before Bruce's eyes. This incident traumatized Wayne, and inspired him to one day take on the alias of the Batman. The theater closed its doors some years later, but since that time it has been become one of many safehouses used by the mad Prince of Crime - the Joker.


  • The theater was unnamed until the 1989 Batman movie.
  • The name is a reference to Joker's first appearance when he robs the Monarch Playing Card Company.

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