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The Monarchy was Jackson King's answer to the Authority.


During a party with the Authority, where King is increasingly annoyed with his former team-members and their methods, the Weavers contact King and inform him that the universe as they know it is threatened by Chimera. To combat Chimera, King and Trelane have to gather a group of unique individuals. King and Trelane accept. They leave their jobs with the U.N. as liaisons to the Authority, get married and disappear. The U.N. order special agent Morro to investigate their disappearance.

Over the next few months they gather many resources all over the world, they resurrect the superhero Union, free the chaos-artist Condition Red from his imprisonment and enlist Professor Q. They then enlist Jon Farmer, who had been a member of a previous, alternate version of the Monarchy called the Throne. Farmer had been living as a priest for years, but King and Trelane convince him to join them. Their next few missions are to obtain some essential weapons: a Kheran Dream Engine and an unknown weapon in exchange for the spirit of Hitler, who had been possessing a politician. Their next recruit is Addie Vochs, a Century Baby whose powers had been repressed by the Fever Man, evil creatures of pure thought. Vochs is rejuvenated and receives her powers.

King then decides to investigate the former home of Henry Bendix, genius and his former superior. He finds information on creating a powerful being by binding an ancient Native American god to the soul of a human. King follows the instructions, tying the spirit of Los Angeles to a failed superhero, Bram Dusk, but the resulting creature turns on him and kills him. In the end Dusk manages to take control and becomes the Metropolitan.

Chimera meanwhile isn't sitting still and notices the threat of the Monarchy, while the Monarchy find out what exactly Chimaera is: Due to the Authority's frequent travels through the Bleed, their characteristics and aggression had been imprinted on many worlds and they went on to conquer other worlds, forming Chimera, an ever-expanding empire of evil Authorities lead by the Higher Power, a reptilian version of the Authority. Chimera attacks the Crown, the base of the Monarchy. The Monarchy manages to escape thanks to the sacrifice of Jon Farmer.

Trelane leads her people towards a sanatorium where Malcolm King, Jackson's younger brother is staying. Agent Morro is questioning Malcolm, but finds a Malcolm having the Kheran Dream Engine and being a part of the Monarchy. Morro suddenly starts to remember a hidden program Jackson King put in his mind: he's King's backup and has King's plans telepathically planted inside his mind. Christine arrives and greets Malcolm, while Addie Vochs calms Morro. The Monarchy regroups and opens their attack on Chimaera following the plans Jackson left in Morro's head.

Elsewhere Henry Bendix, somehow still alive and now allied with the Weavers, finds the head of Jackson King and resurrects him as an imaginary being. Now King is a being of pure willpower. He contacts the essence of Farmer and shapes it into a sword. He also reveals the secret weapon they received in return for the spirit of Hitler: it is Fenris, the mythological wolf of Norse myth. King, Bendix and Fenris attack Chimera as well.

Together they defeat the troops of Chimaera and Trelane leads Malcolm and Addie Vochs to combine their powers, curing Chimera's corrupted center. Trelane recruits a young boy, Matt, with the power to create superhumans for the new Monarchy, starting their expansion of the team and takes them to their new Headquarters called The Throne, a mobile parallel world.


Jackson King appears in the Authority: Human on the Inside, which took place after the events of the Monarchy series, and appears to alive in human form and not the being of pure imagination that he was at the end of the Monarchy series. Both Jackson King and Christine Trelane have returned to their former states at Stormwatch in the new series Stormwatch: PHD. There has been no mention of the Monarchy members nor have they displayed the vast amount of power the two characters wielded at the end of the Monarchy series.

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