Mongal, alongside her twin brother Mongul the Younger, was the daughter of the powerful tyrant Mongul the Elder and an unnamed chambermaid who died shortly after Mongal's birth. She was born on Debstam IV, a planet which Mongul the Elder ruled over with an iron fist until he accidentally wiped out the entire planet's population with a flu he carried.[1]


She met Superman while accompanying her brother in Centennial Park. Soon Superman was lured by the two and began a bloody battle, that ended only when Krypto almost slit the throat of Mongul.[citation needed]

Our Worlds at War

Later, Mongal became the new queen of Almerac when Imperiex dominated his planet she joined the Alien Alliance, a group formed by survivors of planets dominated by Imperiex.[2]


She was eventually killed by her own brother.[3]

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