Mongul is an intergalactic conqueror, home from a conquered world he has yet to liberate. With motivation of freeing his home world by conquering the galaxy, his rule becomes threatened when he hears whispers of the alien species, the Reach, are about to take another planet for themselves to use. With a infamous battle satellite known as 'War World' in his possession, he approaches the planet and denies any communication the Reach have for him or of those on Earth. He attempts to destroy the planet through War World's myriad of weapons but ultimately fails, falling prisoner to the Reach through their unwitting allies of the Team and the Justice League.

He briefly regains his freedom when the imprisoned Team is rescued, his release triggered in an act to distract the scarab warrior known as Black Beetle. Due to Mongul's tenacity and sheer strength, he completely dominates the fight with the scarab warrior until Green Beetle arrives to help. Despite the combined efforts, it takes their combined might in a coordinated strike to put him back into stasis to eliminate the threat.

With the Reach hauled away from Earth by the Green Lantern Corps, it is presumed he is charged with war crimes of attempted genocide of Earth along with his captors' facing similar punishments for violating intergalactic treaties with the Guardians.


  • Invulnerability: Mongul is incredibly durable, able to take the strongest of attacks without barely flinching. Even when fighting Superboy, Wonder Girl, Wolf and Arsenal simultaneously none of them incur a single iota of damage to him; only when an energy overload short circuits his master control helm does he succumb to legitimate injury and is rendered unconscious. Even more impressive was his feat of continuing to fight without ceasing against Black Beetle and then Green Beetle in tandem, the latter of which is convinced they must imprison him in stasis if there was hope of defeating the unstoppable tyrant.
  • Superhuman Strength: Showcasing this by using bare minimum effort when dealing with Superboy, Wonder Girl, Arsenal and Wolf. From tossing aside the prior in a placating manner, to tossing Wolf around like a sack to ripping apart all of Arsenal's weaponry all are knocked unconscious from a mere minute of fighting him. When released from a Reach Stasis prison, he immediately battles the Black Beetle and later Green Beetle, dealing significant blows to them despite their enhanced attributes attributed to their scarabs and physiology. It was mutually agreed the only way to defeat him was to return him to stasis if they were to win against the super-strong conqueror.



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