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Mongul is an alien warlord and enemy of Superman.

Superman turned his ship around and heads back to Earth, but along the way he was intercepted by Mongul and forced to compete in gladiatorial combat in Warworld. Mongul first pitted him against an elite team of warriors known as the Plahtune, but the Man of Steel easily beat them. Next, Superman confronted Overkhast, an alien who can fire energy from his hands and who can also transform into a gigantic energy-based creature that can emit shock waves of power. After Superman overcame him, Mongul himself stepped into the arena to battle Superman. Though he was powerful and possesses great strength, Mongul was still no match for the Last Son of Krypton. At the conclusion of their fight, Superman picked up Mongul and prepared to deliver what would most certainly be a killing strike. Mongul taunted him, saying: "Go on, Superman. You know you want to." Superman then threw Mongul to the floor and stated that the fight was over. Superman then found his ship and set off for Earth, but Mongul vowed that he would find him.

Mongul and his minions then followed Superman to Earth, where Superman battled the Plahtune and Overkhast again. After beating them, he confronted Mongul once again. The fight was fierce, but as before, the Man of Steel emerged victorious. Mongul admitted that he was defeated and fled Earth.




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