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Mongul MDCCXCII, better known as Mongul III or Mongul for short, is the tyrannical alien ruler of Warworld, the successor of his father Mongul MDCCXCI, and an enemy of Superman. He is the third Mongul to face him.

The boy who would become Mongul MDCCXCII was one of many sons that Mongul MDCCXCI fathered upon women around Warworld. Mongul and his mother were of the Tchakegaleng tribe, who had a tradition known as the "Culling Day" where the boys of the tribe would fight and the one deemed the weakest would be exiled from the tribe, along with his mother. Mongul possessed traits such as mercy and honour, which were seen as cowardice by the Warzoons. He lost the Culling and he and his mother were sent out to die in the Galgogolthian Waste.

Mongul's mother taught him how to survive in the wastes but she also taught him to only look out for himself and that "The Warzoon does not protect". She forced him to hunt for his own food and beat him if he tried to share his catch with her or showed concern for her wellbeing. One day they were attacked by hunters from the Khalithengir, a tribe of savage cannibals who wear their chains under their skin. As the 'Thengir were about to kill them, both groups were attacked by a fearsome beast known as a Bull Mammoth. Mongul's mother unexpectedly protected him from the creature and was mortally wounded. In a rage Mongul leapt inside the Bull Mammoth's mouth and stabbed up into it's brain, killing it.

As Mongul's mother lay dying, she told him to kill her to show the 'Thengir that he was as hard and ruthless as them. When he asked her why she had saved him, she told him that she wanted him to live so he could kill his father as revenge for him casting them aside when he was born. Mongul promised her that he would and killed her with her own knife. The 'Thengir adopted him into their tribe, and when he grew into a man with a chain of victories he returned to the tribe of his birth in defiance of his exile, killing anyone who objected.[1]

Mongul's time in the wilderness had changed him from a gentle boy to a cruel and violent young man. He became a Warzoon and raider of some note, and gathered powerful allies.[2][3] He finally fulfiled his mother's wish by murderring his father, pulling the jewel that had been worn by every Mongul since Guldejo from his chest.[4]

Mongul ascended the throne, and plotted to surpass his father by defeating his enemy Superman. A mysterious scavenger came to him, bearing the severed heads of his sons and a plan to lure Superman to Warworld, where the red sun would render him powerless.[5] One of the alien races Warworld had conquered and enslaved were the Phaelosians, lost cousins to Kryptonians. The scavenger advised him to send Phaelosians to Earth, as Superman would not be able to resist the chance to save his kin from slavery.[6] As the scavenger predicted, Superman came to Warworld with a new band of allies.[7]





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