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The Monitor informally known as "Bob" is the Monitor of New Earth.

Like his colleagues, Bob believes in preserving the sanctity of the Multiverse, but unlike one of his peers, does not believe in murdering those who have violated the cosmic balance by jaunting from reality to reality. When the bloodthirsty Monitor who was later identified as Solomon of Earth-8 sent the assassin known as Forerunner to New Earth to murder Jason Todd and Donna Troy, Bob intervened and robbed Forerunner of the honor of the kill. Bob knew that the secret towards safeguarding the Multiverse lied with the missing hero Ray Palmer. He convinced Jason and Donna to accompany him, and along with Palmer's successor Ryan Choi, journeyed to the Nanoverse to find him.

Bob was later revealed to have been plotting along with Solomon to maintain the balance of the individual universes by killing Ray Palmer. However, Bob's time with his friends during his travels through the various dimensions further developed his own individuality. It was his development as a fully separate individual to the collective hive like mentality of the other Monitors that allowed Bob to decide to ultimately reverse his original decision and decide to allow the dimension hopping to continue as long as such dimensional hoppers did not oppose the safety of any individual universe, such as his friends.

Though Bob sided with Solomon in opposing threats to the multiverse such as the Monarch, Bob was killed by Solomon after Solomon failed to directly adsorb Bob's essence into himself as part of Solomon's plan to become more powerful than any other individual Monitor.[1]



  • Power Limitation: Bob's dimensional travel power had limits and needed time to charge in between dimensional hops. His powers also weren't instantaneous.

  • Like all Monitors, Bob originally did not actually have an individual proper name. Jason Todd provided him with the name "Bob" in order to address him with ease against the other Monitors.[2] Bob had since formally adopted the term as his actual name and used it himself (to Solomon) rather than as a generic separation to the other Monitors before his death.