Monitor Weeja Dell was a member of the Circle of Monitors, whose job it was to look over the fifty-two worlds of reality.

In this position, she and her fellow Monitors found themselves interacting more and more with the inhabitants of these worlds, which resulted in their acquiring "human" traits; among them were emotions and a desire for names.

Weeja Dell became involved with her fellow Monitor, Monitor Nix Uotan of Earth-51. When he was (wrongfully) sentenced to life as a human for interfering with the Orrery of Worlds, she did not take it well, but was consoled by Monitor Zillo Valla.

Later, at Valla's behest, Weeja guided the Superman thought-robot through the Funeral Gardens of Yivaroth on his way to confront Mandrakk the Dark Monitor.

Shortly after, Weeja was finally reunited with Nix, but her lover had been changed by his time among the humans, and he convinced all the Monitors (Weeja included) to forfeit their existence in the interest of preserving the Multiverse. However, Nix himself ended up waking up as a human on New Earth, and it's possible Weeja may still exist somewhere.




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