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A mid-level member of the enigmatic cosmic race known as the Monitors, Zillo Valla was the Monitor of Earth-43.

She was one of those affected by the changes the Multiverse began having on the Monitors. She became the lover of Monitor Dax Novu, one of the bravest of the Monitors who had mapped the Multiverse. However, during his travels, Dax Novu discovered that the Monitors had a parasitic relationship with the Bleed, draining it to enhance themselves. When Novu realized that they could theoretically drain the Multiverse, he told the others Monitors what he discovered. Although Zillo listened to his claims, the other Monitors were horrified and rejected him. Dax Novu soon built the Super-Sentinel, a Colossus thought robot designed to counter any monitor who tried to feed on the Multiverse, making it in the form of Superman, who had fascinated the Monitor. Dax Novu fell to the vampiric tendencies and became Mandrakk the Dark Monitor. Although Zillo tried to save her beloved, the Monitors locked Mandrakk away and buried the truth about his discoveries.

During the first few days of the Final Crisis, Zillo Valla was present for the trial of Nix Uotan. After his exile, Weeja Dell, his lover, confided in Zillo how much the Monitors had changed. Able to sympathize with Weeja's situation, Zillo remarked that they were becoming similar to the beings they watched over. After that, she recognized that Mandrakk was rising again, and would need to be stopped. Zillo assembled a team of champions whom she recognised as multiversal equivalents of the Colossus: Superman, Captain Adam, Captain Marvel, Overman and Ultraman. However, as soon as they were assembled, they were attacked by the destroyer-class bleedship "Echo of Midnight" and her ship crashed on Earth-51. Here, she revealed that her life-force was powering the crashed ship, and to save herself and complete the mission, she drank Overman's blood. However, a ship similar to the "Echo of Midnight" caught up with them.

She was saved by the Earth-5 Billy Batson from the rage of Earth-10 Overman. She and the various Supermen she recruited from the multiverse were able to stop the initial plans of Mandrakk from controlling the source book of reality, though they were unable to stop Mandrakk from emerging into the 52 multiverse. Zillo then revealed that Mandrakk had been banished because he had fully embraced the Monitors vampiric natures, and told Mandrakk that she had found a better story than his, the story of Superman. Mandrakk then absent mindedly destroyed her, before recognizing who Zillo was.



  • Dependency: Zillo required constant infusion of power sources to maintain her own powers and abilities.


  • Ultima Thule: Zillo Valla's bleedship

  • Zillo Valla's name is derived from that of Marvel Comic's Shalla-Bal.[1]