Mister Hogan was the monkey sidekick to sailor/adventurer Lance O'Casey.

He was also the unofficial first mate on O'Casey's first ship, The Brian Boru. After several adventures, Lance moved on to a new vessel, the Starfish and brought on an actual first mate, Mike Bellow. Mister Hogan's actions from that time onward remain unknown.[1]



  • Diving Helmet: Mister Hogan has his own diving helmet and accompanies Lance O'Casey on underwater work.


  • Brian Boru

  • Mister Hogan was created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck for Fawcett Publications. In 1991 DC Comics purchased all of Fawcett's remaining comic-book characters (the ones they did not sell to Charlton Comics in 1953), including Mister Hogan.
  • Mister Hogan has a tail, and therefore is a monkey not a chimp.


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