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The Monster Society of Evil was a team of villains (mostly from Captain Marvel's rogues' gallery) gathered by Mister Mind.



In 1942, the Venusian worm Mister Mind traveled from his native universe of Earth-S to Earth-Two, home of the All-Star Squadron. There he assembled his first version of the Monster Society of Evil, by gathering together (via radio broadcasts) five villains who had separately menaced various costumed crimefighters of Earth-Two. The monstrous Oom the Mighty had been defeated in 1940 by the Spectre. Mister Who had battled Doctor Fate in 1941. Nyola faced Hawkman in 1940. Ramulus (under the alias "The Nightshade") had opposed the Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy earlier in 1942. The Dummy was a recurring foe of the Vigilante and the Seven Soldiers of Victory. This team ultimately met with defeat at the hands of the All-Star Squadron and Mister Mind abandoned them, returning to Earth-S.


World War II

Upon returning from Earth-Two, Mister Mind set about creating a much more powerful Monster Society on Earth-S. He recruited (again via radio) many of the greatest villains of the day, including the leaders of the Axis powers and aliens from several planets in the Earth-S universe. The Monster Society was opposed by Captain Marvel from almost two years before they were finally put out of commission. Mr. Mind was captured by Captain Marvel and was put on trial for 186,744 murders committed under his orders. He was sentenced to death in the electric chair.

Modern Era

Decades later, after the Marvel Family and many of their friends and allies--as well as Dr. Sivana and his evil offspring--had revived from a decades-long stay in suspended animation, Mr. Mind revealed himself to be alive and well. His alien species is immune to electric shock.

The Monster Society was revived on at least two occasions. The first revival included Ibac and the Sivana family--Dr. Sivana, his son Junior and daughter Georgia.

The second included Dr. Sivana, Ibac, the powerful atomic robot Mr. Atom, the bestial but brilliant King Kull, the rogue god Oggar the Accursed and the renegade former champion of the wizard Shazam, Black Adam.

Both of these incarnations ultimately met with defeat at the hands of the Marvel Family.

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  • The Earth-Two stories featuring the Monster Society, despite taking place before the Earth-S stories were actually published later.

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