Mope is introduced as a prisoner of the Tribunal, sentenced to life imprisonment after he was tricked into not delivering a plague cure to its place of need. When Superman was captured by the Tribunal, he met a being called Brute. Brute was intent on freeing his milk-brother, Mope, from the Tribunal, even if it meant sacrificing the heroic Man of Steel -- or himself. Ultimately, Brute was executed by the Tribunal via a rocket into the sun, and Mope remained in captivity.

While Brute was a powerhouse with abilities to match Superman's, including a paralysis beam, Mope was a diminutive creature with pale, pinkish skin and a cowering demeanor. Together with the rambunctious Leeya, they escaped from their prison aboard the Tribunal's ship and experienced adventure after adventure, meeting such beings as the pirate Freelance. Finally, Mope and Superman came across an abandoned H'Tros vessel, which the Cyborg turned into a trap for the two refugees.

Taken back to the Tribunal world, where Team Superman was also held in captivity, Mope aided the heroes in overcoming the Cyborg and the Tribunal. Having been inspired by Superman's self-sacrificing actions, Mope took the Man of Steel's place in a rocket headed for the radioactive debris of the planet Krypton. The rocket exploded when Tribunal Prime set off the charges.


  • Inflatable Body: Mope was able to inflate his body to massive proportions through compartments within his muscular portions, acting as a preventative self-defense mechanism much like that of a pufferfish. This has no effect on his strength, however.


  • Mope possesses no physical strength, and is weak even compared to a standard human. Additionally, his biology means that even a flesh wound can be severely harmful.



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