Quote1 Hey! Are you a fash flan -- I mean, a Flash fan? Me too! In fact, I gave The Flash his powers! Quote2
Mopee src
Mopee was the alias of an imp from the Fifth Dimension. He was the one who empowered The Flash.[1]


When Bat-Mite altered reality so that the Super Friends were members of the Batman Family, Mopee teamed-up with Quisp, Shaggy, and a Guardian of the Universe to reset reality. Learning a lesson about teams, Bat-Mite gathered the other imps in the Fifth Dimension and planned a partnership.[2]

Con Games

That later came in the form of them crashing Super-Con, a comic book convention. Mopee got into a heated argument with an attendee about The Flash's origins. Mister Mxyzptlk convinced him to not only give him superpowers, but give all the attendees superpowers. After being scolded by the Super Friends, Mopee took back his gifts.[1]




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