Mordecai was the result of genetic experiments on Earth.

During Earth's destruction, Mordecai escaped the destruction secretly hiding under the city domes that formed New Earth.

Mordecai lived in the sewers of New Metropolis and attacked anyone who approached, until Legionnaries Gossamer and Leviathan went to investigate.[1] Mordecai defeated Leviathan and took Gossamer hostage.

Andromeda, Brainiac 5, Dragonmage, Inferno, and Gossamer's brother Live Wire formed a rescue party and faced Mordecai, helped by Leviathan who left his recovery bed to redeem himself. Gossamer tried to stop the fight and calm Mordecai down, but Mordecai was teleported by Leland McCauley[2] in order to recruit him into his new Fatal Five.[3]



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