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Mordru, also sometimes known as The Dark Lord is a immensely powerful cosmic being who is considered to be one of the evilest beings in the universe.[2]


Based on the revelation of Child, Mordru is an energy being from a world called Cilia, and that world and its inhabitants are now inside the Amulet of Fate. Mordru is said to exist before the universe was created and will exist after its end, but Mordru needs a host in order to exist in the world. His first host was Lord Wrynn who sought more power and was consumed by Mordru. However, whether the words of Child is true remains uncertain.

In modern times, Mordru sought to claim the power of Doctor Fate. He began by killing several agents of Order and Chaos, including Kid Eternity. He later killed Fate, in order to obtain the Artifacts of Fate, but his minions, the Sons of Anubis failed and it went to the Tower of Fate. He later tried to possess the body of the soulless child of Hawk and Dove which is said would become the most powerful sorcerer in the universe, but due to the intervention of the Star-Spangled Kid using the Scarabaeus of the Scarab, the child became the host for the soul of Hector Hall who also then became the new Doctor Fate. Mordru was defeated and imprisoned in the Amulet of Anubis by the new Doctor Fate.

Princes of Darkness

However, Mordru was able to escape when Doctor Fate, in consulting Mordru on how to defeat Extant, he was ensorcelled, and with the help of Flaw and Child, Mordru was able to switch bodies with Doctor Fate. Now possessing the power of Doctor Fate and stealing the Starheart from Green Lantern, Mordru joined Eclipso and Obsidian in covering the world in darkness. It was then revealed that the present body of Mordru is actually that of Arion the sorcerer and the soul of Arion imprisoned by Flaw and Child. The JSA, upon Hector Hall's advice, went to Gemworld and freed Arion's soul. Arion's soul before going to the afterlife, passed through his/Mordru's body, causing Mordru to weakened, allowing Hector Hall to become Doctor Fate again. Doctor Fate defeated Mordru and imprisoned him in the Rock of Eternity which will constantly drain the magic of Mordru.

Day of Vengeance

When the Spectre was influenced by Eclipso (Jean Loring), Spectre began destroying all magic-users. While imprisoned in the Rock of Eternity, Mordru was able to trick Shazam into freeing him. Mordru then went and attacked the JSA who were at the Tower of Fate at the time looking for Doctor Fate to help find their missing teammate J.J. Thunder (who was also banished by the Spectre to the Fifth Dimension. At this time, the Spectre has also attacked Doctor Fate. Hector was banished to another dimension with his wife, while the Artifacts of Fate remained at the Tower of Fate. Mordru was able to defeat the JSA. Nabu , through the Artifacts of Fate tried but failed to defeat Mordru. It was only after the return of J.J. Thunder and the Thunderbolt was Mordru defeated when J.J. Thunder ordered the Thunderbolt to send Mordru "...somewhere none of us will ever have to see him again."

Return of Mordru

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  • Cosmic Being Physiology: Mordru exists as a sentient energy entity without physical form. This unique nature grants him a range of extraordinary abilities, and his cosmic status is characterized by a timeless existence without a discernible beginning or end.[3]
    • Immortality: Mordru is also apparently ageless; in one instance, the Hourman android attempted to de-age Mordru to a point where he was not as powerful, however in the process he discovered that Mordru's timeline had no beginning or end. Mordru was apparently never born, nor would ever die.
    • Regeneration: He can magically heal fatal wounds sustained by himself or those of others. When Alan Scott slashed Mordru's abdomen open with an energy sword, the sorcerer was able to heal the injury in seconds.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Mordru is quick enough to react to Jay Garrick's actions.[4]
    • Cosmic Awareness


  • Occultism: Mordru possess a vast knowledge of different magical spells from various disciplines and culutures throughot history. Mordru is also considered a proficient combat sorcerer, able to cast nearly a dozen spells simultaneously, a feat incapable of being perofrmed by even various incarnations of Doctor Fate, including the original.[8]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Mordru is skilled in physical combat. He once also did a reversal hold on Wildcat.[9]


  • No Physical Body: Mordru doesn't possess a truly physical body of his own. Due to magic at least requiring mass to operate, he can only perform magic after possessing a body.
  • Concentration: When utilziing magic, Mordru must have some level of concentration to act. Furthermore, he once remarked that he has learned to not fight teams simultanously, beleving it difficult to battle with numerous opponents at the same time attacking him.[8]

Other Characteristics

  • Mordru is also known as Dark Lord, Dark Nobleman, The Dark Nobleman.



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