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Quote1 I am a disgusting, foul thing. I always have been. I have killed millions by my own hand. I have been a plague upon this world for thousands of years, partaking in every cruelty the human mind has ever conjured. And in a thousand years, I will still be here standing, when the rest of you are dust. Quote2
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Mordru the Merciless, a being of energy that possess his hosts, is one of the Lords of Chaos who seeks to dominate all of existence under his power.

Mordru lived among the very first human beings to ever harness true magical power. They did so by trapping the primordial being of magic, Hecate, when she visited Earth 0 with her own power and torturing her for years. While all of the humans engaged in Hecate's capture it was Mordru who carried out, and greatly enjoyed, the task of tending and tormenting the goddess. While Hecate endured the pain for a long time she finally relented when she heard the news that her husband, Hades, had left her for a new bride. She did not, however, give the mortals her own power but instead gifted them the dark magic form the Otherplace which the goddess hoped would eventually destroy the humans from within.[2][3] Wary of the unpredictable nature of magic most of the humans set out laws and wrote books dictating how magic in their control should be ordered and called themselves the Lords of Order. Mordru, however found the notion of 'Ordered Magic' laughable when it had been born through such chaotic means as Hecate's torture. Instead he refused to follow the rules and methods of the Lords of Order and used chaotic magic instead, unbridled by the limits of Order, which allowed him to survive for thousands of years unlike his former colleagues in the Lords of Order who had to bind their souls to artefacts and amulets after their bodies were destroyed by the magic of 'Order'. Mordru claimed to be the only 'true Lord of Chaos' implying that all later 'Lords of Chaos' merely mastered Chaos magic unlike Mordru who actually invented it in the same manner the Lords of Order invented the magic of Order.[3]

Thousands of years later Mordru would meet the magician Giovanni Zatara who would request Mordru to lend his power in the upcoming war against the Otherkind that Zatara sensed was coming. While Mordru first tortured and flayed Zatara alive he finally decided to agree to his plan out of amusment more than anything. Knowing that Zatara, or his successor, would eventually call on him to deliver on his promise, Mordru spent the next couple of decades waiting in a pub he transported to the Hall of Justice which he completely concealed form detection. He would eventually be found by Zatara's daughter, Zatanna, and her friend and ally Diana and, after a little teasing and tormenting, Mordru gave them a fraction of his Chaos magic that they needed to stop the Lords of Order who at the time were trying to kill all magic in the universe in an attempt to starve and kill the Otherkind.[4]


  • Unique Physiology: One of the Lords of Chaos, Mordru has since become a being of energy.[1]
    • Possession: Mordru possesses his physical hosts, with those possess retaining the appearance of a young man with auburn hair and hazel eyes.[1]
    • Immortality: Mordru is immortal.[1]
  • Magic: Mordru is a magical creature of insurmountable power, being one of the first and most powerful wielders of magic alongside the Lords of Order and has honed skill over millennials. His might has been seen to easily eclipse the likes of Wonder Woman and Zatanna Zatara.[5]
    • Chaos Magic: Unlike the Lords of Order who bind their magics to spells and incantations, Mordru commands magic and is not restricted by any magical rules. Effectively, if he wills it, he can force reality to make it happen.[5]
      • Astral Projection
      • Divination
      • Energy Construct Creation: Mordru can conjure objects out of pure hard-light. These constructs appear as a luminescent purple. He once conjured hard-light snakes to function as bindings for his captives Wonder Woman and Zatanna, these constructs were strong enough to keep Wonder Woman contained.[5]
      • Immortality: Mordru has extended his natural life indefinitely using magical energy. Mordru has lived for at least a few millennia and was one of the first human practitioners of magic.[5]
      • Molecular Reconstruction: Mordru can use his magic to manipulate things on a molecular level. When he wanted Zatanna to be quiet he simply manipulated her molecules, removing her mouth entirely, although he did later return it.[5]
      • Power Distribution: Mordru can bestow portions of his magical energy on whoever he wants to. On one occasion he was able to transform Wonder Woman and Zatanna into fully-fledged Lords of Chaos capable of rivalling the Lords of Order.[5]
      • Pyrokinesis
      • Summoning
      • Telekinesis: Mordru can use his magic to move objects with his mind. He was able to completely control the movements of Wonder Woman with no effort which is a considerable feat due to her strength.[5]
        • Flight: Mordru can use his telekinesis to defy gravity. When teleporting to multiple locations in a show of power he was shown to be standing on air.[5]
      • Telepathy: Mordru can use his magic to read the thoughts and learn the history of a chosen target. He was able to discern that Wonder Woman and Zatanna had had previous experiences with Hecate and the Lords of Order just by glimpsing into their minds. He can also control peoples' perception, even manging to keep an entire inn in the middle of the Hall of Justice for decades without a single one of the Hall's many visitors ever noticing.[5]
      • Teleportation
      • Time Travel[6]



  • Thanatophobia: One of Mordru's few weaknesses is his fear of entombment, having lost battles in the past as his opponents managed to bury him or trap him in confined spaces.[1]
  • Overconfidence: Be it fighting powerful entities or mortal foes, Mordru tends to be overconfident in his abilities.[1]

  • Mordru is classified as a "ultimate-level magic wielder".[1]