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More Fun Comics was an anthology series published from 1936 until 1947. The first six issues of the title were published under the name, New Fun Comics, but became More Fun Comics with issue #7. The series is known for introducing several longstanding Golden Age characters including Doctor Occult, the Spectre, Doctor Fate, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Superboy, and Congo Bill/Congorilla.

First appearances

The More Fun Comics series introduced new characters into the DC Universe, some of which would later receive their own series. In October 1935, Doctor Occult debuted in New Fun Comics #6; his career thus spanned the longest period of any DC character. In February 1940, More Fun Comics #52 introduced the Spectre. Three months later, Doctor Fate made his first appearance; he and the Spectre went on to be long-running members of the Justice Society of America.

Green Arrow and Aquaman debuted in the same November 1941 issue, and Superboy first appeared in 1945. These three heroes moved from More Fun Comics to Adventure Comics following issue #108 immediately after World War II, where they remained well into the Silver Age. After this, More Fun was retooled as a humor series starring Genius Jones and Dover and Clover, and ran until issue 127 in 1947.