Quote1.png Wilson, soon our plans will be put into action! All civilization will fall! Heh heh! Quote2.png
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Morgan Crookes was an enemy of Neon the Unknown.

In the 1930s, secret preparations for a world invasion were made, by a cabal of munitions manufacturers and other industrialists, with the controversial Morgan Crookes prominent among them. Several squadrons worth of very-long-range, high-speed, multiple-purpose, single-engine warplanes were manufactured, and quietly stationed around the world, within striking distance of Australia, Brazil, and North Africa. Savage mercenary armies, of Aborigines, Jivaros, M'bangis, and other tribal headhunters and cannibals, were recruited and trained and deployed.

An unknown superhero and a company of French Foreign Legionnaires captured some of the unnamed coalition's extremely-advanced long-range multi-purpose warplanes, and fought back on three widely-separated fronts, engaging them in North Africa, in Brazil, and over the Pacific Ocean near Australia. By July of 1940 the entire conspiracy was smashed.[1].

There is no record of Morgan Crookes, or any of his associates, being arrested, indicted, or even investigated, in connection with these international crimes.

  • On page 1 of the Neon story in Hit Comics #1, this villain is named in the caption as "Morgan Crookes". On page 4 of the same story, he is named in the caption as "Morgan Crooke".



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