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Quote1 Bruce may have been looking to learn all he could from the best in the world, but he was searching for a surrogate father just the same. Quote2
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Nobody was the son of Henri Ducard and an enemy of Robin.

Early Life

Morgan Ducard 008

Morgan Ducard as a child

Morgan Ducard was the son of Henri Ducard, a world renowned assassin, and Felicity Strode, a spy sent to kill Henri who instead fell in love with him.

From an early age, though he did not see him often, Morgan idolized his father. When his mother was contacted by the people who had hired her to kill Ducard years ago, telling her that she would either fulfill her end of the deal or they would kill her son, the young boy stabbed his mother to death with a kitchen knife. His father saw what he had done and appreciated Morgan's devotion to him, deciding to train his son to become an assassin like him.


Several years later, a young Bruce Wayne came to France, hoping to train under Henri Ducard. Bruce drew too much attention to himself, however, and Morgan was sent to assassinate him. The American and Frenchman fought one another, but, due to his prior training, Bruce defeated Morgan and survived the attack. Henri Ducard was about to kill Wayne himself, but decided to train him instead upon hearing the man's ambitions.

Henri Ducard trained Bruce and Morgan side-by-side and constantly pitted the two against one another. Morgan developed a sense of resentment towards Bruce over stealing his father's attention from him.

During the training, all three were constantly tracking a terrorist named Hassan. While Bruce originally assumed it to be a simple capture, and that Interpol would come to retrieve him upon the success of the mission, he was soon proven wrong after Henri shot and killed the man. Having had his morals tested, Wayne quit training with Ducard and stormed off to find a new teacher. Ducard, knowing that Wayne knew too much about them to be left alive, ordered Morgan to find and kill him.

Morgan tracked Bruce to a new location and shot him with a sniper rifle while he was exiting a taxi. However, Wayne survived the hit and ambushed Morgan as he drove away, beating the man and throwing him back inside his father's hideout, bound and beaten within an inch of his life.

After failing to kill Wayne, Morgan's father considered his son a disgrace, something he would never get over.

At some point, Morgan would have a child of his own - a girl named Maya Ducard, whom he raised to become an assassin just like his father taught him.


Years passed before Morgan ever met Bruce again, going into action after the announcement of Batman Incorporated. Morgan created the identity "Nobody" and armed himself with an invisibility suit and other gadgets before starting his plan for revenge.

Batman and Robin Vol 2 3 Textless

Nobody attacks Batman

Before setting his sights on Gotham, Nobody practiced his skills by murdering the Batman of Moscow.

Nobody arrived in Gotham and, at first, simply killed criminals, especially those Batman and Robin had earlier stopped. Eventually, though, he confronted Bruce, telling him flatly that he planed to seek revenge on him for disgracing him.

He made good on his words one night as Bruce's son Damian set out to fight crime on his own. He appeared after the boy had finished attacking two muggers, critically injuring one of them. He tried to provoke Damian to kill the man, saying he was as good as dead already due to the severity of the beating. However, Robin refused, so Morgan killed the man himself anyway and tried to kidnap Damian.

Batman arrived to try and save his son, but Nobody activated his sonic gadgets to disorient the Bat in their fight. Batman was distracted long enough to be hit by a car and knocked unconscious, allowing Morgan the opportunity to kidnap both father and son.

Nobody took the two into an abandoned drive-in, tied them up, and placed them in a wrecked car. He played a video on the screen featuring Batman's enemies, criticizing Batman's choice not to kill his rogues gallery. Batman and Robin were rescued by the Batplane shooting rubber bullets, forcing Nobody to go into hiding and allow the Dynamic Duo to escape.

Mentoring Robin

Robin Damian Wayne 0031

Nobody seemingly corrupts Robin

Later that night, Nobody reappeared at Wayne Manor in attempt to convince Damian to abandon his vigilantism as Robin to become an assassin like him. Damian, having been trained by the League of Assassins for the first half of his life, willingly went with Nobody.

Morgan brought Damian on a mission to assassinate an ambassador who was using his diplomatic immunity to run a human trafficking ring. Breaking into the building together, Nobody assigned Damian to murder the ambassador and handed him a gun. Damian was convinced and pulled the trigger, only to find that the gun was not loaded and that it was simply a test. Instead, Morgan brought the ambassador back to his headquarters to torture him for more information about the human trafficking ring.

Eventually, when Nobody got the information he wanted, Damian revealed that he actually knew the gun wasn't loaded before and was simply playing along with Nobody's mission in order to broadcast his location to Batman for backup. However, the plan partially backfired, because Nobody then used the opportunity to hold Robin hostage and torture him while his father listened.

After enough torture, Nobody decided to finally kill Damian, but before he could, Batman arrived to save his son. The Bat and Nobody fought an intense battle, eventually leading to Bruce getting the upperhand. Incapacitating him, Bruce dunked Morgan's head into a nearby vat of acid, only stopping himself from killing the villain when he realized Damian was watching.

Though beaten, Nobody continued to taunt the two, saying he would eventually return to kill them both. Unable to control himself any longer, Damian murdered nobody in front Batman with a strike between the eyes.




  • Throwing Knives
  • Ultrasonic Hand-Blasters



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