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Morgan Edge was an old associate of Lionel Luthor.

In his teens, Morgan Edge had befriended Lionel Luthor. Together, the two boys conspired to kill Lionel's parents and split the insurance money.[1]

By 2003, Morgan had become one of the leading crime lords in Metropolis. He hired a super-powered boy named Kal to break into Lionel's office and retrieve a package, that contained a blood sample.[2] However, Kal failed to return with it. Morgan tracked him down to nearby town Smallville and learned that Kal's real name was Clark Kent. Morgan also discovered that Clark was the source of the blood. So, Morgan took Clark captive, with the help of a meteor rock, with intent to sell boy to Lionel.[3]

But, Clark managed to break free and blow up the truck he was in. Lionel thought Morgan had double-crossed him and tried to kill him. This forced Morgan to go underground and have plastic surgery.[3][1] Afterwards, Lex Luthor managed to find Morgan and forced him to record a confession about the murder of Lionel's parents. However, Lionel had already gotten to Morgan and struck a deal to make Lex think he was crazy. Morgan had just wanted to kill Lex, but Lionel couldn't stand the thought of losing another child.[1]

Morgan was later confronted by Lex again, with Clark Kent arriving a few minutes later. Having been prepared, Morgan was able to subdue Clark with green Kryptonite and tried to flee. He seemingly died, when Lex shot him and the car he was driving crashed into Clark.[1]





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