Morgan Wilde was a scientist who believed he had found a way to isolate and manipulate the energy of the human soul, a process he intended to use for the advancement of medical science. Unfortunately, his experiments came to the attention of Lex Luthor, who was angered when Wilde refused to sell his discovery to him. Luthor had Wilde's wife killed, but Wilde himself survived the attentions of Luthor's men long enought to blow up his own lab, killing both them and himself. Unknown to Luthor though, Wilde had found a way to transfer his own soul into other bodies (destroying the victim's own soul in the process) and escaped by transferring himself into Lexcorp employee Edward Carlisle, after which he began wrecking Luthor's company. When Carlisle was discovered, Wilde transferred himself into the body of Luthor's head of security, Drake, and killed Carlisle's body. As Drake, Wilde (now known as the U.L.T.R.A Humanite) attempted to trick Superman, who was investigating the case, into believing that he had taken the body of actress Dolores Winters, but Superman discovered his deception and fought the Humanite, thwarting his plan to use a Lexcorp transmitter to spread himself into every living thing in Metropolis. Unfortunately, Wilde escaped by abandoning Drake's body and fleeing into another, the identity of which was unknown. He has not been heard from since.


Wilde's U.L.T.R.A Transference technology enables him to transfer his consciousness into any body he chooses, displacing and apparently destroying the original inhabitant's consciousness. There seems to be no specific limit on what distance he can project himself into a new body.


  • There seems to be no link between Morgan Wilde and the other individuals who have adopted the name Ultra-Humanite.



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