Morris Eagleton and his associate David Creighton discovered a formula called "The Stone Man" in a 13th century manuscript written by an alchemist named Jorix. They assumed it would provide immortality, and Creighton tested it on himself. Instead he was transformed into a monster and attacked his daughter Christina. After the formula wore off Creighton was disgusted and ordered Eagleton to burn the manuscript. Eagleton however disobeyed Creighton, secretly using it on himself and was reborn as the Gargoyle. Overwhelmed with bloodlust he murdered two victims before being attacked by Batman. He defeated Batman, but decided to act more cautiously in the future.

Over the next decade he made infrequent transformations, slaying fourteen more people. Although Creighton was aware of what Eagleton was doing, it took many years before he had the courage to confront him, the catalyst being Christina's return to Gotham City after years abroad. Eagleton injected Creighton with the formula, then shot him to death before the transformation was complete. Authorities assumed Creighton to have always been the Gargoyle, and hailed Eagleton as a hero. Unbeknownst to Eagleton Batman had been studying the Gargoyle for years and deduced his secret. Batman set up an elaborate ruse of a robbery, the end result being Eagleton, Christina Creighton and Batman himself locked in an airtight vault. Under this condition he prompted a confession from Eagleton, and after revealing his plan Eagleton panicked. He transformed himself into the Gargoyle, but was easily dispatched by the now battle-tested Batman.



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