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Soul Power was a former superhero who briefly came out of retirement to help Static with an old foe.

In the early 1960s, a young African-American man named Morris Grant got in the way of a group of thugs trying to trash Hoover Dam and was knocked into the hydroelectric generators just as a transformer blew, giving him the power of ten electric turbines. Returning to his hometown of Dakota, Morris took on the role of a costumed mystery man, calling himself "Soul Power". Starting out his career battling local gangs and organized crime, Soul Power quickly moved up to the supervillains of the time, including his archenemy, the megalomaniacal robotics expert, Professor Menace. Soul Power had a long and storied career, but eventually retired and faded into obscurity.

In 2003, Morris, now living in the Dakota retirement home, saw a report on television that alerted him to the return of Professor Menace. Soul Power came out of retirement and teamed with his spiritual successor, Static, to stop the mad genius once and for all.




  • Energy Depletion: Soul Power's energy is not infinite and can be drained in an intensive battle or by artificial means.


  • The Soul-Mobile

  • Soul Power was created as a substitute for Black Lightning when DC was unwilling to pay Tony Isabella, Black Lightning's creator, royalties.