Morris Major is an agent from an evil version of Great Britain, who came to the real world.

Touring the country, speaking with morris dancer groups, he incited reactionary tendencies and united them into a fraternity of assassins known as the Morris Men.

Just after the debut of the Shrike, Major decided to enact his endgame, and instructed the Morris Men to gather stolen mystic artefacts at Stonehenge on an auspicious night. His plan to alter the country fell apart when it was discovered that one of those present was a woman. Following this, the police showed up, and Morris Major returned to his own dimension, vowing vengeance.


  • As the leader of the Morris Men, Morris Major is presumably skilled in their signature martial art, Wassail Futtock, with which it is possible to kill a man with a single knock to the head.
  • Little is known of Morris Major's home, except that their version of the Union jack is known as the Black Jack.
  • According to Paul Cornell, Morris Major's name and rhetoric owe a great deal to John Major, former British PM.



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