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Mortimer Drake is the Cavalier, a thief who dresses up like a 17th Century cavalier. He was an enemy of Batman.


Mortimer Drake was a man of exotic and idiosyncratic taste. When he found himself unable to purchase more exotic valuables for his collection legally, he resorted to theft. Donning a costume resembling that of the young, fashionable Royalists in the English Civil War, he called himself the Cavalier. His course of actions ultimately brought him into conflict with Batman and Robin.[2] Drake matched wits against Batman and Robin several times,[3] and escaped them in each encounter, but Batman was able to deduce the Cavalier's identity,[4] leading to Drake's eventual imprisonment.[1]


Mortimer Drake started his career as a criminal under the name "The Cavalier". He owns the nightclub called the Casbah and ordered the women to assassinate the Pamanasian prime minister Indira Gamal at the ceremony near the U.N. Building but failed when Wonder Woman came to her rescue to stop the assassination attempt. The Cavalier plans to invite Indira Gamal and Morgan Tracy to the Casbah by luring them into a trap. At the Casbah, the Cavalier in his civilian disguise by greeting Indira Gamal and Morgan Tracy, Suddenly Indira and Morgan fell into the floor of the hidden chamber which is beneath the Casbah, but he plan finally worked. In the hidden chamber Morgan Tracy ask the Cavalier what he hoping to gain, Cavalier revealed to Morgan that he attempt to gain control both Indira and her country. As the Cavalier allow the women to kill Morgan Tracy but Wonder Woman made a entrance by breaking the wall, the Cavalier tells the women to attack Wonder Woman but they are defeated. the Cavalier and Wonder Woman goes face-to-face at each other he uses mind control on Wonder Woman to prevent her not to attack but didn't work as she slap him on his face, he uses his rapier to shoot electron bolt on her but Wonder Woman dodge it and she use her lasso to slice his rapier to pieces, he remove his hat that his plume contain steel-tipped darts to shoot at her, Wonder Woman use her tiara to throw at the darts to block his attack, as the Cavalier makes his last move by using his snuffbox contain wth dust to blow at her but Wonder Woman use her super-breath to blow the dust at him, as the Cavalier is covered with dust his servants attacked him and Wonder Woman use her lasso to stop the women for attacking the Cavalier. As the fighting stops Wonder Woman saves Indira Gamal and Morgan Tracy, leaving the Cavalier defeated.[5]

For a long time, the Cavalier was out of action, until he decided to return to crime. His first criminal attempt was stopped by Batgirl, but he was soon sprung out of prison by Killer Moth. Working together, Cavalier and Killer Moth started a crime spree, but they were ultimately stopped by Batgirl and Batwoman.[6]

Soon after, Killer Moth bet Cavalier that he could find the way into the Batcave from Batgirl before the Cavalier could get it off of Robin. While Killer Moth was led to a fake cave, Cavalier was shown a large nest, which lead the Cavalier to conclude that Robin was an alien bird life form.[7]

New Earth

Cavalier was later a part of a group of super-villain drinking buddies. They banded together to try and regain their items of power lost in a poker game to Wally Tortolini. Cavalier was defeated by Blue Beetle who clothes-lined him in an alleyway.[8]

In recent years, Cavalier was found insane and kept in Arkham Asylum. After the massive escape from Arkham orchestrated by Bane, he escaped from the prison and soon faced Batman, but was defeated with ease.[9]

He later turns up free again as an informant for Black Lightning. According to Black Lightning, the Cavalier is in a closeted gay relationship with Captain Stingaree.[10] Some time later, Drake was badly injured in a massive battle with the Secret Six. The Cavalier's back was broken by Bane and he was presumed to be dead.[11]

Some time later, during a transfer from Arkham, the GCPD vehicle was attacked and the inmates inside were freed. Drake was among them and he was bleeding profusely after the attack. On his escape attempt, he was approached by Leslie Thompkins, who healed his wounds.[12] As a result, Drake started acting as Leslie's bodyguard. He easily prevented a gang fight from breaking out at the clinic that Thompkins had established, and has taken to wearing a nice suit as opposed to his cavalier costume.[13]

The Cavalier's re-entry into active crime followed, when he was seen attempting multiple small heists around Gotham, only to be foiled each time by Batman or Catwoman. However, those small crimes were merely an attempt to hide his role as the mastermind behind the embezzlement of millions of dollars from the Wayne Enterprises pension fund. Eventually, Batman and Catwoman, working together, were able to follow the money trail to Drake, expose his role in the embezzlement, and return the funds.[14]



  • Mental Illness: On occasions, Drake has been delusional, thinking he is an actual Cavalier, even in the most inappropriate situations.[12]
  • Misogyny: The Cavalier is a extreme chauvinist (although he would call it chivalry) and will not physically fight a woman, which is a disadvantage when facing super-heroines. However, he is willing to harm women in other ways, including mind control.[5]


  • Drake usually wears a cavalier outfit and to complete the illusion he also wears a long-hair wig and a fake mustache.[3]


  • Rapier: A rapier that variably would be able to emit electric blasts. And the plume in his hat is actually a steel-tipped dart.

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-Two era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and no longer apply.
  • The Earth-Thirty-Two version of the Cavalier was quite willing to harm and even try to kill women by slashing at them with his sword.[15] something the other versions never did.
  • As an avid collector, Cavalier is known for having extremely rare objects and among them is a chest that belonged to the father of modern magic, Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin.[3]
  • Morty was secretly in a homosexual relationship with fellow Batman foe, Captain Stingaree. Tao Jones told Jefferson Pierce who used it as informant leverage, though he would never have outed them.[10]



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