Moses Fisk, who operated as a mercenary under the name Blackjak, was trained at the same off-world school that his future partner Erin Bia O'Rourke-Singh (Dart) and her friend Dalia had attended. He was fighting a war on the opposite faction that Erin and Dalia were fighting in when Dalia was killed. Moses had crossed the battlefield to see if anyone on the other side was all right when he met a very angry Erin. She was ready to kill him with her laser gun when she remembered a vision she had about him fighting alongside her. This sudden remembrance of that vision caused Erin to pull the trigger by accident, shooting out Moses' left eye. Erin apologized as she tended to his wound, and Moses told her that he was hired from the same school that trained her to fight for the other faction. She decided that the master of that school was to blame for Dalia's death and so attempted to kill him in his own office, only for him to activate a field that prevented her weapon from firing. As the schoolmaster was about to kill her, Moses came onto the scene and gave Erin a hand in defeating him once and for all. From that time on, Moses and Erin operated together as freelance mercenaries Blackjak and Dart.

During a space flight in which Blackjak presumably had died, he was actually captured by the Dark Destroyer and given an alien implant by which he can be controlled to do the Dark Destroyer's will. He secretly infiltrated Scanner One and reunited with his lover Dart, who was glad to see he was still alive, though Martin Champion was rather suspicious. However, on board Scanner One, Blackjak sabotaged its computer so that it will take the Atari Force team to a planet that was presumably in the New Earth universe, where the Dark Destroyer had an anti-matter bomb ready to detonate and destroy that entire universe. Still under the Dark Destroyer's thrall, Blackjak attacked Morphea and tried to stop Dart from tampering with the bomb to stop its detonation, but was wounded by Dart and brought back on board Scanner One, departing from the universe when Dart failed to stop the anti-matter bomb from detonating.

While Scanner One traveled aimlessly through the Multiverse, Morphea discovered the alien implant that was placed inside Blackjak's brain, and the newly-born Tazlings extracted it while giving him a new organic eye that enabled him to see color auras surrounding various people. However, as Blackjak was piloting Scanner One in the hopes of returning to the actual New Earth universe, the new eye was giving him sensory information that was too painful for him to bear, and the Tazlings quickly restored his cybernetic eye. Upon the team's return to New Earth, Blackjak stood in trial along with the rest of his teammates for the theft of Scanner One, and after the trail reached a non-verdict traveled with them through a Multiversal transporter to Old Earth in order to rebuild.



Blackjak was equipped with a cybernetic camera eye that is plugged into his brain through his left eye socket. The camera eye was able to detach itself and travel around to wherever its owner desired, though it is uncertain whether he was able to do this by force of will or not.



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