Moses Lwanga was born in the Republic of Uganda, but immigrated to the United States when he was seven-years-old. As an adult, he attended Harvard Medical School, and married a Ugandan woman named Sera.

Doctor Lwanga, a pacifist by nature, became a peace activist and worked hard to rebuild the communities torn apart by violence in the Acholiland in Northern Uganda. In 2002, Doctor Lwanga attended the Kamapla Conference as a guest speaker, wherein he urged all Africans to take back their country and to help Ugandans forced to live in the impoverished displacement camps.

While working at his clinic, Doctor Lwanga found a young boy who had been brutally bludgeoned by militants from Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). He ran off to find the boy's attacker, only to discover that the perpetrator was little more than a boy himself. Something snapped inside of Moses Lwanga, and all of his internalized anger exploded in a brash act of violence. Picking up a rifle, he shot the assailant multiple times until he was dead. Disgusted by what he had done in his fit of rage, Lwanga contemplated taking his own life but was unable to pull the trigger on his gun instead grabbing a nearby stone and disfiguring his face beyond recognition and collapsing. [1]


  • Divine Empowerment: Doctor Lwanga's mind bears an unknown entity called "The Spirit". The spirit has a vast amount of knowledge of any kind of weaponry and urban warfare. The voices led by spirit allows Lwanga to surpass any violent acts and turn the tides against his enemies.


  • Diplomacy: Doctor Lwanga's intellect and oratory skills earn him the attention and respect of his peers, and he can project a compelling argument for achievement through non-violence.
  • Medical Science: Doctor Lwanga is an expert in the field of medicine, having earned his doctorate from Harvard Medical School.





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