Moshe Levy, alias Dust Devil is a member of the Blasters capable of generating miniature tornadoes and manipulating air currents.

He is a metahuman who discovered his abilities during Invasion! when he was experimented upon by the super-scientist Dominators. This involved a gauntlet of death testing a number of humans to see if new powers would develop under extreme duress... Moshe was one of only six survivors of the event, along with Snapper Carr, Amos Monroe, Carlotta Rivera, Dexter Fairfax and Fritz Klein.[1] After escaping imprisonment in the great Starlag, they fought with the rest of Earth's heroes against the Alien Alliance. The six then went on to form a new team, calling themselves the Blasters after the way they got their powers.[2]


  • Aerokinesis: As Dust Devil, Moshe can generate fast-moving currents of air, simulating tornadoes wherever he goes. These can be used on both himself and his surroundings.



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