Motalla was an evil sorceress from the realm of Skartaris.

She succeeded in capturing rival sorceress Jennifer Morgan and imprisoned her inside of her floating sky-city. She tapped into Morgan's reservoir of energy to maintain her youthful visage as well as to fuel her own abilities. When the Teen Titans were unfortunate enough to crash-land in Skartaris, Motalla recognized that the Titan known as Prysm was a being of immense power. She tricked Prysm into relinquishing her energy processing abilities and used them in a bid to take control of all Skartaris. The Teen Titans teamed up with the Warlord, Shakira and Tara Morgan in a quest to free Jennifer Morgan and defeat Motalla. Jennifer Morgan used her magic to reverse Motalla's spells, returning the stolen energy back to Prysm. With no more power to keep her going, Motalla instantly aged into an old crone. Whether she is still alive and active in Skartaris is unknown.




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