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Mother's Milk is a member of The Boys. Before being recruited by Billy Butcher for another mission, he was trying to make a difference by helping the kids in his community.[1]

Unique Birth

The man to be known as Mother's Milk was born to a poor family in Harlem. He was a unique baby, having been born with the super-chemical Compound V in his blood.

His mother was employed as a worker at a factory owned by Vought-American, which had previously been used as a laboratory experimenting on the chemical and had negatively affected all the female employees who came in contact with it. Because of these complications, Mother's Milk's brother was born mentally disabled and later died due to complications related to Compound V. Mother's Milk's father spent years trying to fight Vought American in the courts and, despite winning one case, he ultimately died while working on a follow-up case.

Early Adulthood

Mother's Milk decided to join the Army and became a member of the Army boxing team. During the Army heavyweight championship, his Compound V derived powers suddenly activated and he accidentally punched off his opponent's head. While being held as a prisoner by the military, he was approached by Billy Butcher and Mallory with an offer to join the Boys, which he accepted. Mother's Milk served as Butcher's second-in-command, with Butcher even calling him the glue that kept the team together.

Mother's Milk's mysterious codename was given to him due to the fact that the Compound V in his body forced him to continuing nursing from his mother at a bizarrely advanced age, possibly even to the present. When he was a child his mother tried to wean him multiple times but he got progressively sicker and weaker each time until his heart stopped the last time she tried.