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Mother was a mysterious Gardevian enemy of the Batman Family. She is a villain who wants to make children stronger by forcing them to endure great tragedy.

"Mother" is the sole survivor of a small village that was destroyed during a gruesome war. Nobody was left alive from the border town, and the girl hid among the corpses of her parents and her countrymen pretending to be dead. The Soviets, just to be sure, pierced every body with their bayonets, and the girl was stabbed seven times, but she didn’t even make a sound, her eyes didn’t flicker. That very night, wounded but alive, she slipped into the Soviet camp, grabbed a huge knife, and slit the throat of each and every soldier. She didn’t make a sound, she was lethally efficient, and even though it took hours to her to accomplish the job, she wasn’t noticed by anyone. That night, the girl died, and the Mother was born. She walked away from what remained of her country, and she was found by another girl, named Marchenko. Marchenko brought her home, washed her, cleaned her wounds and gave her clothes, but by doing so she made her father angry, and she was hit. That was the last inspiration the girl needed: that night, she tied Marchenko’s parents to a chair, she woke her up, and she killed them in front of her. By doing this, she wanted to free her as she was free, and she told her that she would have been her mother now.

She spent the following years building a personal kingdom of trauma, “creating” new “free children” and molding them into a perfect, stronger new generation able to withstand anything. She killed children’s parents in front of their eyes, and then trained them to be the perfect assassins, driven by the right trauma and free from all restraints; then, she sold them to the highest bidder, financing her program. She was aided in this by the Orphan, aka master assassin David Cain, who did most of the hits for her. Her children were appreciated and required, and her Nursery in Prague became the primary source of assassins for governments and secret societies all over the world. All of this, however, wasn’t enough, and she needed to perfect her method: she crossed her paths with the Scarecrow, an American super-villain, who created for her a gas that could induce the trauma she needed on a global scale. This wonderful new weapon, Ichtys, would have transformed her small family into a strong, flawless empire.




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