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Mother Machine was an enemy of the Blackhawk Program.

The person who would become Mother Machine was a lieutenant affiliated with the Blackhawk Program. Kidnapped by Parademons mere hours before the formation of the Justice League, she was placed in a pod of otherworldly tech. She was the focus of a rescue mission by her teammates, but they were too late: the nanocytes had bonded totally with her, making her into a new posthuman being. Seeing nothing in her future except a career as the U.N.'s brainless goon, she made a run for it.[1]

Five years later, she ran into the Blackhawks again, now as a villain for them to defeat. They believe her dead, but she has backed up her mind on computers around the world, and vowed to return to carry out her plans.

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Cybernetic Enhancement: Due to having been half converted by Apokoliptian technologies, Mother Machine now sports a host of mechanomorphing capabilities.[2] Her body is largely made up of memory downloading technorganic micro machines that enable her to store her entire consciousness and transfer it over the internet and recreate her physical form from scratch as many times as need be.[3]

  • Technomorphing: Mother can assimilate and reformat any kind of technology into herself as well as cast her own will into it, controlling, alternating and reformatting both it and herself into a host of different forms.[4]
    • Computer Interfacing[5]
    • Interactive Holographic Projector
    • Cyberspace/Digiverse immersion
    • Metamorphosis: Mother Machine has complete and total control over her components allowing her to change and morph any technology she has on hand into whatever she desires at will.[6][7]
  • Nanocyte Manipulation: Mother has the ability to procreate and generate a series of microscopic nano-robotic drones, which allow her to infest and manipulate matter from a molecular-subatomic scale.[8] They also allow her to fabricate entire technologically advanced cities, which can change according to the thoughts and desires of those who they pick the brainwaves from.[9]
  • Superhuman Strength: Mother Machine has strength enough to contend with the physical might of O.M.A.C.[13]
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Enhanced Intellect
  • Superhuman Stamina


Genius Level Intellect


Military Protocol


  • Orbital Bombardment Platform: In the years she had spent under the radar, Mother had used her access to her nanocytes to construct a personally crafted stealth satellite she used to spy on the whole of the world.[14] Through it she could broaden her technopathic reach through the global infonet, as well as keep in contact with anyone whom possessed or was afflicted with her microtech. It's main offensive armament was its ability to drop kinetic rods into low orbit at any designated target she saw fit through it.[15] The station itself was sizable to a small country, housing it's own fleet of space worthy vessels and onboard personnel serviceable to Mother Machine herself.[16](Formerly)
  • Bespoke: Mother Machine had constructed her own underground acropolis hidden within the base of a dense mountain range, far away from any prying eyes.[17] The city itself was comprised of Nanocytes and could scan as well as read the living data off of it's inhabitants to essentially read their thoughts and transform accordingly to accommodate their wishes, desires and fondest memories. Literally changing infrastructure and architecture to set its occupants at ease while they occupied the sentient rural cityscape.[18] It was mainly populated by semi-sentient smart dogs whom were cosmetically enhanced collars which enable thought based articulation and vocalization through adorned speaker dials. This would serve as Mother Machines main base and her beachhead from here she would seek to change the world.[19](Formerly)