Mr. Truman was a CIA agent with forty years of experience. When superheroes made their first public appearance, Truman saw the Metahuman population as a threat to the United States and with intentions of controlling them through lethal means. He became interested of Tommy Monaghan, also known as Hitman, living in Gotham City and sought in recruiting him to a Metahuman killing group. Truman arranged with the corrupt Gotham City Police Department in legally capturing Monaghan for his role in the Dubelz mansion massacre; however, Truman also made the basis that if Monaghan refuses his offer, the GCPD will kill him while making it look as if he were resisting arrest. Unfortunately for Truman, the plan in subduing Monaghan went awry and due to the intervention of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Deborah Tiegel subsequently led to hard incriminating evidence against Truman of his conspiracy thanks to a wire tap on Monaghan during an exchange between him and Truman. Threatened by Monaghan's blackmail, Truman grudgingly dropped the attempt on Monaghan's life.[1]

Following his humiliating debacle, Truman learned about a plan that was proposed by his agency to create a superhuman army based on the alien genetic materials harvested from the Bloodlines incident. Although the CIA abandoned the Bloodlines project in fear of causing a second parasite outbreak. Tempted by the thought of having a personal army of superhumans to oppose Metahumans, Truman reopened the project and used the post-Cataclysm state of Gotham City as the perfect cover for his operations. However, one of Truman's test subjects escaped and killed a man in which it was witnessed by Maggie Lorenzo, a homeless woman.[2][3] Truman ordered his operatives to eliminate Lorenzo, but only to once again come into conflict with Tommy Monaghan. Truman hired Marc Navarone to kill Monaghan. But Monaghan and his allies stormed Truman's secret facility, destroyed the Bloodlines experiments and killed Navarone.[4] Truman made one last attempt to kill Monaghan and Lorenzo, but only to be shot in the head by Monaghan.[5]



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