Mu was a city-state in Atlantis formerly ruled by Dark Majistra and later her son, Garn Daanuth.


Mu was a city-state in Atlantis formerly ruled by Dark Majistra and later her son, Garn Daanuth.

Around 500,000 years ago, it was formerly ruled by it's representative, Dark Majistra. After her apparent "death" at the hands of her young son Ahri'ahn from a disastrous effect of his intervention while she attempted to consolidate the Zodiac Crystals's power into her own, her other son Garn Daanuth took her place.[1]

Once a prosperous city-state, Mu fell into disarray when the ice age struck the Earth and Garn Daanuth sought to enslave the entire populace and earned himself the epithet, the "Mad Mage of Mu". Even after Arion defeated Garn and stopped the ice age, the city-state remained in a state of ruin and became a refuge for villains and murderers.[2] Concocting a villainous plot to use a ritual and the mystic flames of hjerta to eliminate all of life, Chaon lured Arion and his companions to Mu and usurped the identity of Trykun to fool the mage. Angering him with attempts at his life and unleashing a illusion of Lady Chian being struck down, Chaon hoped for the mage to attempt to slay him, completing the ritual and achieving his goal. However, Arion saw through this plot and manage to end the ritual and punched the mad god into the flames to temporarily imprison him.[3]

Points of Interest

  • Temple of Deedra: One of the temples dedicated to the worship of Deedra ran formerly by it's priest, Trykhun. Under the temple resides the Mystic Flames of Hjerta.[3]


Mu's Gods

Notable Items

  • Mystic Flames of Hjerta: A mystic flame that can act as a magical power source though it cannot direct it's own power and must be done from a user. If used properly, the flame is powerful enough to serve as a catalyst that can eliminate all of creation and can temporarily imprison Chaon.[3]

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