Muhammad Ali was a heavyweight boxer who was regarded as one of the greatest in the sport of boxing.

He was famous for his trademark trash-talking, poetic statements and predicting in which round he'll knockout his opponent.

The Scrubb emperor Rat'Lar had originally chosen him to face their champion Hun'Ya. Ali agreed after they destroyed a Pacific island, but Superman contested that he should fight instead as he's superhuman. Ali argued that he was the better fighter and should represent Earth as he's human.[1]

Rat'Lar agreed to organize a bout to decide who will face Hun'Ya. If the winner lost to the Scrubb champion, Scrubbs will conquer the Earth. Ali and and Superman however secretly planned to take the Scrubb down as Superman learnt that Rat'Lar had ordered them to attack Earth anyway.[1]

During the preliminary fight, Superman was easily outclassed and lost by a knockout. Ali then had him sent back to Earth to recover with Rat'Lar's permission, but Superman used this to carry out their plan by disguising himself as Drew Bundini Brown.[1]

During the fight with Hun'Ya, Ali initially struggled but won by a knockout after being enraged by Rat'Lar's offer to spare Earth if humans agreed to enslaved. Rat'Lar however ordered his armada to destroy Earth anyway, but Superman put a stop to it.[1]

In the battle with the Scrubb fleet however, Superman was grievously wounded. As Rat'Lar ordered the rest of Scrubb fleet to attack Earth, an enraged Hun'Ya attacked him and the Scrubbs disavowed any loyalty to him because he was dishonorable.[1]

Ali later met Superman again and told him that he had caught on to his secret identity as Clark Kent, explaining that during their interview in Metropolis before their fight, only Clark and Lois Lane knew that Jimmy Olsen's camera was out of film. He knew that Superman would never use his X-ray vision on it, as it would spoil the film.[1]


  • This character is a fictional representation of Muhammad Ali, a real person. More information on this person can be found at



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