The M.I.R.V., or Multi-purpose Intercept/Reconnaissance Vehicle, is the Wildcats' warplane.


Borrowing an idea from the MIRV (Multiple Independently-targeted Reentry Vehicle) warhead, Spartan and a team of Halo Corporation engineers developed this high-speed, radar-evading aircraft that has the added benefit, when necessary of splitting into multiple sections, each one of which can be flown separately by whichever team member is in it.

Each section is as fast and manoeuvrable as the plane as a whole. MIRV is equipped with the latest in avionics and E.C.M. black boxes, and Halo's aviation team keeps up with the latest technology in order to keep updating MIRV's tech.

World's End

After some time when the Wildcats had drifted apart as a team, the need for M.I.R.V. was not present, and the aircraft had not been seen in some time.

However, after the events of Number of the Beast, the Wildcats found themselves in a decimated Los Angeles. It was then that Spartan helped construct a new M.I.R.V. so the Wildcats could easily traverse the devastated landscape looking for survivors.

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