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Mumbo is a magic-based criminal in Jump City, making him a frequent enemy of the Teen Titans.

Mumbo arrived in Jump City and began his reign of mischief. Mumbo began robbing ATMs and playing with the Teen Titans. When Mumbo was defeated and his wand broken, he returned to his normal, old self. Mumbo was revealed to be an old balding man without his powers.

At some point, Mumbo was freed from prison and returned to his occupation as a classical orchestra conductor. While hosting a concert, his event was cut short by the villain Punk Rocket, who jumped in to play his his self-proclaimed "chaotic" music. Mumbo ran off with the rest of the audience, leaving Punk Rocket to be captured by the Teen Titans. [2]

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  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): When under the influence of magic, Mumbo is able to put up a great fight against the Titans.
  • Throwing: Mumbo is able to throw cards at his enemy with great aim.
  • Singing: Mumbo has shown that, when given the proper mood and motivation, he is able to sing pretty well.[3]
  • Music: Mumbo's civilian identity is a classical music composer.[4]


  • Magic Wand Dependence: Mumbo derives all his power from his magic wand. If the wand is broken, he immediately loses all of his powers, returns to his normal self, and all of his tricks are undone.[5]



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