Murl Wazzo is father of famed Legionnaire, Apparition.

He hails from the planets Cargg and like all natives Carggites he has the ability to split himslef into three separate bodies at will. He moved to Earth were he lived and met Winema Wazzo who came from the other dimensional realm of Bgtzl. The two later married and she became pregnant by him and they had a daughter Tinya Wazzo who was half-Carggite and half-Bgztlian. This provided both of her parents native abbilities.

Murl was a terrible gambler, and had such considerable gambling debts that he incurred the wrath of the Luck Lords. To appease his creditors, he gave up two of his daughter's Carggite duplicate bodies to them.

The Luck Lords renamed one of the bodies Enya Wazzo into their servant but ultimately sent her to the 20th Century to spare her from an enemy's wrath. This duplicate knew nothing of her origins and eventually joined the L.E.G.I.O.N. as Phase.

The second body was raised by her mother, Winema Wazzo on their native homeworld of Bgtzl. This Tinya joined the Legion of Super-Heroes. The third duplicate wearabouts remain a mystery.


  • Carggite Physiology
    • Bio-Fission: Murl Wazzohas the power to be able to split into three distinct bodies, but have the same personality and thoughts.

  • In Legionnaires Vol 1 28 he was named Murl. In Legion of Super Heroes Vol 4 102 he was named Luonel Bordo.
  • In the Pre-Zero Hour Continuity Phantom Girl's father is named Byzjin Wazzo.



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